One week down…

The past few weeks have been insane to say the least. I moved out of my parents’ house, settled into my first apartment, and completed my first week of 1L! (For those unacquainted, 1L refers to the (infamous) first year of law school. 1L=first year, 2L=2nd year, etc.)

OF COURSE in my very first class, contracts, I was the first one called on as my last name is always the first one on the roster (thanks Dad). Like the movies show, being cold called is terrifying. My seventy other classmates stared at me as my professor interrogated me for an answer I did not have. Thankfully I was able to redeem myself by the end of the class period (or so I like to think). 

One of my classmates put it perfectly, “1L is like having a baby. People tell you what to except, but you really can’t understand what it’s like until you’re there.” With that, I must conclude this post as I must read until my eyes bleed.

❤ – K


Prep or Not to Prep?

The current question of my “summer” (I put summer in quotes because right now I am working seven days a week; is that really summer?) is whether or not I should prep for law school. This question yeilds two very different answers: 1. NO. Enjoy your the last fews months of your pre-law school life or 2. YES, OF COURSE YOU SHOULD PREPARE.

Those of you who know me well enough should be able to predict where my answer lands – Option 2. YES, OF COURSE YOU SHOULD PREPARE.

AH, if only it were that simple.

There is no standard prep for the summer before the first year of law school. I don’t have my class schedule, so there is no way for me start the reading assignments due on the first day of class, let alone know which textbooks I will be using. Thankfully, I DO know the classes I will be taking: torts, lawyering process, contracts, criminal law (YESSS) and the infamously-dreaded civil procedure (“civ pro”). After some research, I landed on books: Thane Messinger’s Law School: Getting In, Getting Good, and Getting the Gold and Richard Michael Fischl and Jeremy Paul’s Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exam. So far, my prep plan is to read these books and go from there.

More on this to come. Until then, happy reading!

Here goes nothing!

Now that I have actually created my page, sitting down to write my first post is definitely intimidating. I started this page because I am at a “turning point” (SO cliché) in my life: I’m officially old, aka a young adult, about to move out of my parents’ house for good and starting law school in a little less than two months – cue panic attack. My hope for this page is that I can look back in three years when I am Kristin, JD (knock on wood) and laugh at myself. I am going to write in my own voice – sporadic, enthusiastic, and yes, sometimes a bit sarcastic. This is entirely for my own use so if you like it, great; if you don’t, also great. In other words, welcome to my blog!